March 10, 2019

Samsung Remote Unlock Service


unlocking your phone will remove the carrier lock,allowing you to use any sim card, regardless of the provider you purchased the phone from.

Our remote unlocking service for samsung will allow you to get your samsung phone unlocked from any location with internet access.

Samsung Remote Unlock Service is for:

  • Samsung Phones which the Unlock Codes that are “Not found” in the Database
  • Special Network Unlocking Services
  • Defreeze Code Required
  • Network Subset Code Required
  • Sim Network Unlock Pin
  • Phone is Hardlocked (too many wrong pins entered)
  • NOTESamsung Remote Unlocking Service is to Unlock the network only so you can use sim cards from another service provider. If you have a screen lock, or home screen lock please verify before.


1. Windows PC
2. USB cable to connect to PC
3. Internet access to pc

Supported Samsung models:

  • 99% of All GSM Samsung Devices (AT&T, Rogers, Vodafone,Gulf/UAE region locked etc)

If we are unable to unlock your device you will be refunded

Unsupported Samsung models:

  • Samsung  Sprint /Verizon
  • T-Mobile USA/ Metropcs Samsung devices with the Preinstalled Unlock App.

Please Read:

Although our Remote unlocking service can unlock blacklisted Samsung devices, it does not remove any blacklisted status of your account.

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